Advanced config

Change log level


  level: INFO
  network: tcp


Note that it should not be set to DEBUG in a production environment.

Service logs can be stored locally or remotely. The above snippet will work if there is a log-compatible client set to work on the provided address.

If you just want to change the log level network should be set to ‘local’. For example:

  level: ERROR
  network: local

Stats for system performance


The program uses StatsD to collect usage metrics which can then be used with a StatsD-compatible client such as Graphite to visually render key system performance information such as session starts, logins, communicating with the authentication server, spikes in 404 statuses etc.

An example config would be:

  prefix: srv-idp
  network: udp
  address: :8125

Note that prefix defines the prefix that is given to each bucket of stats. Address can be in the format of ‘url:port’ or just ‘port’.

The above example would be suitable for a Graphite installation, as Graphite listens on port 8125 by default. A useful Docker image for Graphite can be found at

REDIS settings


The system uses Redis to collect data for logged in sessions. Below is the default config. Redis can be used locally or installed on a separate machine. In a production environment, AWS Elasticache may be used.

  network: tcp
  address: :6379
  password: ""