Create new ADFS app

Login to your account at (or register if you do not already have an account).

Then click on Apps > Add new App (choose ADFS App)

The following endpoints need to be entered as redirect urls for your app (replace with your actual ADFS host url):

a) This endpoint is called by client applications to request sign-on with ADFS.

b) This endpoint is called during Windows Integrated Authentication (WIA), allowing login without username and password during Primary authentication

c) This endpoint is called by a user logging in directly to ADFS

The following screenshot shows an app being created in the portal:


For domain just enter your company domain. For reporting purposes, the system will then identify registered users from e.g. as internal and all others as external.

Client ID can be grabbed from the settings screen above at any time. Note that your Client Secret will only be issued to you once so it must be grabbed when first displayed:

client secret